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Old 1900 Paris Map on 20×200

When I released Old Maps of Paris and Old Maps of New York projects my ambition was that they would come in useful and educate. I am pleased to see that 20×200 are selling one of the Paris maps from to raise money for their Artist Fund (that helps promote artists worldwide). Although I have done some cleanup and processing on these maps, as the source documents are out of copyright, I released them under the public domain status I believe they should hold.

The 1920 Paris map was also recently used by Macmillan Education Australia.

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Three new maps added to

When I launched Old Maps of New York a few months ago it only had a handful of maps, today I have uploaded 3 more maps onto the site which you can pan and zoom into as you would with Google Maps. The three newly added maps are shown below.

New York 1756

The 1756 Tobias Conrad Lotter’s map of the Middle Atlantic and New England regions during the British colonial period

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New York 1831

A pocket map of New York City issued in 1831 by J. Langdon. It has a Westward orientation and covers New York from Forty Fifth street south to the Battery. The map is divided and color coded according to the 14 wards. All streets are marked, as are the piers, slips, parks, and important public buildings including Bellevue Hospital, the West Battery Castle, City Hall, the House of Refuge, the Alms House, and the Penitentiary. The following Parks:  City Hall Park, Washington Square Park, the Battery, and the Parade (today’s Madison Square Park) are all included.

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New York 1835

This is c. 1835 edition of David H. Burr and Edward Walker’s pocket map of the City of New York. It covers New York City south of 26th street to the west and south of 40th street to the east. Churches, theaters, ferries, government buildings, museums, and other public centers are shown in detail. Columbia College is indicated on Murray Street and Fulton Fish Market, St. Marks Church in the East Village and the nation’s first hospital at Bellevue are also included. The map includes parts of Brooklyn and Williamsburg, separate cities at that time.

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You can view all the maps at
You can also view the Paris version at 

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Introducing Old Maps of New York

Last year I started a side project at Go Tripod and brought you Old Maps of Paris, today we am pleased to announce the launch of Old Maps of New York.

There are only a few maps on there at the moment, starting with the earliest known map, of the east cost of America dating from around 1635.

The map embedded below was created around 1660 and known as the Castello Plan of New Amsterdam. It is the oldest known map of New York City dating from the dutch period.

I am currently adding them chronologically. The site operates in exactly the same way as Old Maps of Paris, with the ability to easily pan and zoom around the map using Google’s excellent Google Map user interface. You can also download the original map and even embed the map in your blog.

I’ll be regularly adding maps so please keep an eye on the site if you have a passion for old maps like I do.

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You can view the maps at: 
You can read more about the project here.

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Old Maps of Paris Gets Even Better

I launched my personal project a few months ago and it has been a huge success both technically and from the feedback of visitors to the site. When I launched the site I just wanted to get the maps up and online and at the time I didn’t create a home page. If you navigated to the site you went straight to the first map.

Today I have relaunched the site making it easier to navigate, as all the maps are now indexed on the homepage. In addition I thought I would make use of the Skeleton CSS framework again to make it a little more mobile friendly, now the site should resize and allow you to navigate the maps on your smart phone.

The biggest change is under the bonnet. Previously to add a new map, I would need to run a script locally to create the map tiles and then uploading all the tiles via ftp (100s of MB in some cases) and then set up the references to the files manually in the database. All that has now changed. I can upload the single processed file and the site now automatically processes all the tiles and sets up the references. What was previously a chore has become a pleasure, so expect more maps soon… oh and not just of Paris 😉

You can read more about the project, on my projects page.

Please check out: 

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Project: Old Maps of Paris (From 360 to 1937 AD)

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I have been working on a side project at work and in my spare time digitising some old maps I had, you can read more on the back story to these maps here.

Basically leveraging the power of the Google Maps API and a little Ruby foo to generate the tile pyramid I have set up as an easy way to look at the various historic maps online. As I only had a few originals and these maps copyright has now expired, I was able to add to the project’s collection by finding some other high quality maps on wiki commons.

There are currently 25 maps that date as far back as around 360ad. These were created in 1705 based on the historic records of the time but collectively they make an interesting way to view the evolution of a city.

You can download the full size map image from each page and I have also made the maps embeddable so that they can be included on blogs or even (if you happen to be based in an old street in paris) as an alternative to your location map.

I hope to add some markers on each map in the future, but for now please check the site / maps out and if you happen to be interested in the Ruby code to cut the map tiles you can find it here and the Javascript to get Google Maps to do the work here.

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