Inspirational Photographers

Erik Johansson’s talks at TED about the philosophy and secrets of his photography

I recently discovered the work of Erik Johansson who shares a lot of my beliefs about photography, then yesterday I happened to stumble upon a TED video he did last November. It’s only 6 minutes long and well worth the watch, as not only does he talk about how he started creating images like this, but he also shows some of the source images that make up his work

More recently he has worked on an interesting project at Sergels torg in Stockholm where he created a giant trompe l’oeil in the center of the square and is currently working on a project with Google. More details on Erik’s Stockholm project can be found in his blog.

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Abelardo Morell’s Giant Camera Obscrura

I am a big fan of Abelardo Morell and some of his ideas were the inspiration for my Reflactions project. One thing that I saw back in 2009 on the BBC’s excellent Genius of Photography series was how Abelardo used a room as a giant Camera Obscura. He does this by covering up all the windows with black paper/bin sacks and then creating a small opening in the middle of one that projects the view from the window on to the opposite walls. Last week the National Geographic released a video on the process, you can check it out below:

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