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The Witch Who Turned Girls into Birds

This is the last (for now) of the illustrations I have created for my self initiated project that was inspired by fairy tales. I set out to create ten images (In the end I did eleven) as a way to improve my illustration skill. This image was done several months after the last image hence the difference in style. I’m currently enjoying a bolder, simpler style; this is the only image out of the 11 that was done in Illustrator (with the texturing in Photoshop). All the others were created entirely in Photoshop.

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A Cunning Fox, a Funeral and a Wedding

This is one of the Grimm Brothers’ less known tales, The Wedding of Mr Fox. The story tells the tale of a fox with nine tails who decides to test the fidelity of his wife as he suspects her to be unfaithful. He fakes his own death, then hides and waits to see what happens. As Mr Fox’s demise becomes known, many suiters come and try their luck with Mrs Fox. She rejects all until another nine tailed fox comes to town. They get married and Mr Fox comes out of hiding and drives them all away.

Read into that what you will, but it seem Mrs Fox was quite picky so hardly possibly not as unfaithful as Mr Fox thought. Maybe the real moral is that if you start playing games like this you will drive you marriage apart.

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Elves and Shoes

The Elves and the Shoemaker is a popular tale written by the Grimm Brothers in 1806. It tells the tale of a poor shoemaker who gives the last of his wealth to an even poorer old lady and is left with only enough leather to make one last pair of shoes. That night a couple of naked elves come and make a pair of the most beautiful shoes ever made, for the Shoemaker to sell. The elves keep doing this night after night and the shoemaker becomes very successful. To thank the elves, the Shoemakers wife makes them some clothes and in doing so, inadvertently frees them of their obligations.

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Lazy Jack and the Donkey

Here is my latest illustration from my personal fairy tales project.

The story is Lazy Jack by Joseph Jacobs. It is a humorous tale about a particularly lazy boy who sits around at home all day doing very little. As expected his mother gets tired of his behaviour and sets him up with a job at the neighbour’s farm.

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Star Talers

So this fairy tale is a short and relatively obscure fairy tale by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. The story tells the tale of a girl who looses her parents and heads off into the world on her own. Her generous nature sees that she gives away every last possession that she owns, including the clothes she is wearing (good job it isn’t the middle of winter then!) to those less fortunate than herself. Anyway, her selflessness is paid off when she is rewarded for her deeds and the stars turn into giant gold coins and fall to earth.

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Jack and the Beanstalk (and a Golden Egg laying Goose)

It is only my second illustration and I’m already claiming artistic licence! Okay, in the popular story by Joseph Jacobs, Jack carries down a golden egg from a hen, but the goose registers better as a silhouette and Jacobs stole the idea from Aesop’s Goose anyway.

From a historical point of view it seems likely that Jack and the Beanstalk has origins in Cornwall’s legends of giants. In turn due to Cornwall being a source of tin in Greco-roman times, these legends possibly even go back as far as the ancient greek stories of Titans.

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Old 1900 Paris Map on 20×200

When I released Old Maps of Paris and Old Maps of New York projects my ambition was that they would come in useful and educate. I am pleased to see that 20×200 are selling one of the Paris maps from to raise money for their Artist Fund (that helps promote artists worldwide). Although I have done some cleanup and processing on these maps, as the source documents are out of copyright, I released them under the public domain status I believe they should hold.

The 1920 Paris map was also recently used by Macmillan Education Australia.

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