The cover of the second (and last) edition of BLAST, The Vorticist Manifesto 1914

A manifesto for creatives, 17 rules that keep you on the path of creativity

All good art movements have had a manifesto, they are normally linked to a small group of artists with a like minded approach to their work.  Manifestos can help to define a genre but more than that they can keep you focused and set constraints that promote creativity.

I was looking for a photographer’s manifesto and came across one that Italian photographer, Sara Lando, recently published on Tracy Zhang’s blog. It is a high level easy to read manifesto which she “wrote down in one of my moleskins in 2005 as a half-joke and crazily enough I still live by them” and “Every time something went wrong for me I can track it back to ignoring one of these points.”. I have published her points below as they really resonate with me and so I have decided to take these on myself.

1. You don’t need to tell the truth in a picture, but you need to be true to yourself when you shoot it.
2. Take pictures because you have something to say and not because you want others to say something to you.
3. Technique is just a tool. Everything that floats the boat is valid.
4. Never publish a picture you’d be ashamed to show your family.
5. Don’t let bad critiques take you down, but be lucid enough to see the truth in them.
6. You are allowed to make mistakes.
7. No bullshit. Dig deeper.
8. Take your time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that stuff. This doesn’t mean you’re allowed to stop when things get difficult.
9. Learn something new every day.
10. Don’t be scared to start something you don’t know how to do (yet).
11. Don’t sell your work to someone you have no respect for.
12. Stay independent. What you do is meant to keep you sane, not to make you rich.
13. Learn from other people’s work.
14. Have fun. You always find a way, even when you think you won’t.
15. Remember to laugh.
16. Help those who are starting out. Nothing you do is precious enough to be kept hidden: the real value is in the way you do it.
17. Don’t kill yourself. Might look good in a biography, but it’s not very clever.

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